Q & A

Q: What are the benefits of building over the garage verses over the house?

A: Building over the garage is typically slightly cheaper and will not require evacuation of the living space. Less drywall repairs, no floor to protect/repair, and more flexibility with plumbing and electrical line routing are the main advantages.

Q: Will I need a soils report?

A: Though most room addition projects do not require a soils report, there are several situations in which one might be required. (Ex. : If you are building over a certain size, your property is located in a high liquefaction zone, or if the home is on a hillside or sloped lot

Q: Will I have to relocate or upgrade my electrical meter?

A: The meter must be relocated to a location approved by the power company if one of the following conditions applies:

Q: What would warrant moving the gas meter?

A: If you’re building to the side or front, the gas meter could be in your way. Relocation MUST be done by the gas company, and should be coordinated by your plumber or contractor. This process can be time consuming, so it’s recommended to start it as soon as you have an approval from the planning department.