One of the most common questions we hear when meeting new customers is “How will you design my roof?” Home owners are very concerned about the shape and type of roof for their addition…as they should be!

Many homeowners use their attic space as a storage area in their home. By using correct angles and geometry, Langarica Construction can maximize your attic storage area so you can get the most storage space out of your home. Read more…

The roof does not just protect the house from the wind and the rain, it affects the architecture of the entire house; this structure has the biggest impact on the temperature of the house (mainly in the summer), and can be designed to provide storage inside it. The size, shape, and azimuth of the roof will affect your ability to install electrical and hot water solar systems and will determine the efficiency of these systems.

Solar panel systems offer an innovative way to reduce home energy costs by harnessing the power of the sun, and in Southern California there is no shortage of sunlight. Considering the abundance of energy emitted by the sun, it only makes sense to use this energy to your advantage by implementing a solar system on your roof. Langarica Construction will work with you to determine your goals and create the roof to best satisfy your needs.

During the summer months, roofs become increasingly hot due to clear skies and high temperatures. Most roofs attract and trap heat, causing air conditioning systems to work harder, which leads to higher energy costs. By using special materials and architectural techniques, Langarica Construction is able to build a roof that actually reflects heat and cools down your home. By doing so, added strain is removed from your cooling system. So, not only will you save money on energy costs by using your air conditioner less, you will also save money on air conditioning maintenance and repair due to less wear and tear on the system.

Building and safety codes have changed in recent years with the goal of making homes safer for families. Among these changes are the allowable types of materials used in roofs. While wood shingles are beautiful, they are expensive and flammable. For this reason, asphalt shingles have become increasingly popular.

Mediterranean-style ceramic tiles are a very popular choice in Southern California. Although these kinds of roofs are generally a bit more expensive, you really get what you pay for. They look absolutely stunning, and, when installed correctly, have been known to last for up to 80 years! Ceramic tiles are usually heavier than other kinds of roofing materials, so it is important to make sure the roof’s framing is strong before installing this type of roofing material.

Asphalt shingles may seem plain, but many are available with stylish designs that actually look like slate or wood shingles. Asphalt is also more durable that wood, and is generally flame retardant.

Langarica Construction has years of experience building and fixing roofs. We are experts in the field of roofing, and will work together with you to discover your needs and find the best way to create the most efficient roof for you. Call us today for a free estimate.

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